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Welcome to Hand Cut Roof Specialists

Are you looking for a company with many years of experience in this specialist area?

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A professional business providing a range of specialised hand cut roofing services to both individuals and builders. We provide a complete service from start to finish. With over 35 years of experience in hand cut roofs, we are able to undertake any hand cut designs whether big or small to your specifications. We pride ourselves on our ability to do what we say we will do. While providing a quality service with the end result leaving our customers happy.

We hold full Public Liability Insurance.

Do you need a hand cut roof ?

Whether you are a member of the public a builder or an architect we can help, contact us now.

We specialise in all aspects of hand cut roofs :

If your roof is in anyway non standard then any off the shelf timber roofs will just not be sufficient for your requirements. Also many standard timber roof trusses are not capable of supporting a functional floor area. This makes it almost impossible to use the roof space as accommodation now or in the future without great expense. We specialise in creating handcut roofs to exact specifications for any shape, style, gradient and height of roof, we can also make sure that the trusses are load bearing if it is a necessary requirement.

Our experienced team can cut any roof type you require to drawing specifications, from pitched to flat roofs.

Roof Cutting Prices

Supplying specialist roofing carpenters for hire for your timber roof project.


Due to the complexity and the nature of roof cutting  projects, we can only supply estimates .

If you require an estimate for the job we will need full working drawings. 

All roofs are different so even with the drawings its not always possible to give an exact price. 

We will always try to keep our estimates as close as possible to the actual amount charged. 

Whilst on the job we will always keep you up to date on progress and any snags we come up against.


Our prices are based on accurate measurements and the volume area of the roof. We also take into consideration the shape and the type of roof, and allow for any add on requirements.

Nationwide Service

Whatever the job, wherever you are we can help.

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